Food Prep Workstation KIAFWS1

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Food Prep Workstation KIAFWS1. A multi purpose kitchen aid to assist user to peel, chop, grate and prepare a range of foods. May be useful for those with limited grip strength, dexterity or those with the use of only one hand.

Interchangeable grater and slicing station with removable lid to access collected food.
L shaped raised corner edge to position bread and allow for one handed spreading.
Removable suction brush to assist with cleaning vegetables and fruit.
Spike station to secure food for preparation, manufactured with durable stainless steel spikes and reversible design to store spikes underneath for additional safety when not in use.
Lockable vice clamp to hold objects in a firm stationary position.
Fitted with four suction feet and non slip rubber pads for additional stability and safety.

Height of base 3.5cm
Maximum height 14.5cm
Length 30cm
Width 50cm
Weight 1.7kg

Delivery Information
Available for delivery Australia wide, physical street address required.
Folded shipping dimensions 18x30x50cm

Delivery Times (business days)

Brisbane 1-3 days

Urban NSW, QLD, ACT, VIC and SA 2-4 days

Rural NSW, QLD, ACT, VIC and SA 3-6 days

WA,TAS, NT 5-12 days

Warranty Information
Full 12 month warranty.

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.