A full range of bedside commodes, shower commodes, and toilet commodes

  • AJM

    Bariatric Commode 254kg Capacity

    $479.00 $338.00

    The Sussex bariatric toilet commode has a 254kg weight capacity. May be used stand alone or easily positioned over toilet. Adjustable in height. Features cushioned vinyl seat and 7.5L capacity bucket and lid. Armrests for added support. Seat width...

  • Drive DeVilbiss

    Bariatric Commode Shower 260kg Capacity

    $1,655.00 $1,166.00

    The Aston Bariatric Shower Commode is self propelled and has a 260kg weight capacity. Includes PU seat, backrest and swingback arm and foot rests. Removable 5L bucket with lid. Fitted with 2 x 61cm puncture proof solid rear self propelling wheels...

  • Drive DeVilbiss

    Bariatric Commode Shower Transit 260kg Capacity

    $1,276.00 $899.00

    The Aston transit shower commode is suitable for bariatric users and has a 260kg weight capacity. Features front opening PU seat, swingback armrests and adjustable back support. Constructed with quality aluminium frame. Adjustable swingback footrests...

  • AJM

    Bedside Commode 154kg Capacity

    $223.00 $157.00

    The Essex Bedside Commode has a 154kg weight capacity. Features cushioned vinyl backrest and detachable overseat. Adjustable height and stackable. Hinged quality plastic toilet seat and coated steel frame. Includes 5L bucket with lid. Easily disassembles...

  • Care Quip

    Bedside Commode AJM B1018

    $937.00 $540.00

    The Bedside Commode AJM B1018 has a 110kg weight capacity and features pivoting armrests for smooth side transfers. The discrete bowl swings out easily for removal and is accessed under the cushioned seat. Padded back support, non-slip feet and height...

  • Care Quip

    Bedside Commode AJM B1061

    $339.00 $239.00

    The Bedside Commode AJM B1061 assists with comfortable toileting. It features removable cushioned seat and backrest for easy storage and transportation. Simple to use, with lift back toilet seat to access hygienic bowl. Adjustable height to suit most...

  • Care Quip

    Bedside Commode Deluxe AJM B1065

    $705.00 $497.00

    The Bedside Commode Deluxe AJM B1065 provides easy access to toileting. Supplied with cushioned seat, armrests and backrest for added comfort. The seat slides back to easily access the discreetly concealed bowl. Adjustable in height to suit most users...

  • Care Quip

    Bedside Commode Deluxe Basketweave AJM B1066

    $1,097.00 $773.00

    The Bedside Commode Deluxe Basketweave AJM B1066 provides easy access to toileting, whilst maintaining a stylish design and discretion. Removable cushioned seat for access to bowl. Hygienic one piece base and lid locking design to prevent spillage while...