Bath Seats

Manual and electric bath seats to provide you with more bathing options.

  • Drive DeVilbiss

    Bath Lift 140kg Capacity

    $850.00 $599.00

    The Bellavita Bath Lift has a maximum weight capacity 140kg and a convenient solution for independent bathing. Ergonomically designed reclining backrest, washable covers and a lithium battery for fast charging. The built in safety control will not lower...

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    AJM Sonaris Powered Reclining Bath Seat

    $4,213.00 $2,967.00

    The AJM Sonaris Powered Reclining Bath Seat has smooth recline and travel actions to ensure comfort and safety. Side flaps ensure easy transfers. 140kg maximum weight capacity. User friendly hand control also includes low battery charge alarm. Adjustable...

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    Bath Seat Myco Swivel AJM B5800

    $579.00 $408.00

    The Bath Seat Myco Swivel AJM B5800 assists users with easy positioning whilst bathing. Features 100kg maximum weight capacity and a locking system in both the bathing and transferring positions. Securely fitted with non-slip feet. Manufactured with...

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    Bath Seat Derby AJM B1056

    $232.00 $164.00

    The Bath Seat Derby AJM B1056 provides elevation whilst bathing. Constructed with quality textured plastic to prevent slipping. Securely held in position with four large suction cups. Suitable for most tubs and users. 150kg maximum weight capacity. Width...