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Drive DeVilbiss

Commode Shower Transit 159kg Capacity

$786.00 $554.00

This Aston transit shower commode assists users with showering and toileting, heavy duty 159kg capacity. Features polyurethane front opening seat, swingback armrests and adjustable back support...


Bed Transfer Rail 127kg Capacity

$152.00 $97.00

The Adapt Solo Bedstick Transfer Aid has a 127kg weight capacity and assists users with independent positioning in bed. Passing underneath a mattress, the handles are then securely positioned on both...

Drive DeVilbiss

Folding wheelchair 115kg capacity Drive S1

$275.00 $199.00

Suits both indoor & outdoor use. The Drive S1 wheelchair folds easily for storage. Features fixed armrests & the footrests are height adjustable swing away and removable. All wheels have...

Drive DeVilbiss

Rollator Wheelchair 2n1 Diamond Deluxe

$381.00 $269.00

The Rollator Wheelchair 2n1 Diamond Deluxe can also serve as a transit wheelchair. Perfect for users that can still walk but tire easily. Simply attach the adjustable leg rests (included) and in...

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