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  • Pedal Exerciser Digital


    Pedal Exerciser Digital

    $107.00 $75.00

    This Aidapt cycle exerciser can help to improve muscle strength and increase circulation. Features a digital display for counting calories burned, time, strides per minute and revolutions. May be...

  • Electric Lift Chair Borg 150kg Capacity

    Drive DeVilbiss

    Electric Lift Chair Borg 150kg Capacity

    $1,359.00 $1,099.00

    The Borg Electric Lift Chair has an impressive 150kg capacity. Lifts you comfortably and safely to and from seated and standing positions. Simple handset operation for lift, recline and rest...

  • Commode Shower Transit

    Drive DeVilbiss

    Commode Shower Transit 159kg Capacity

    $786.00 $554.00

    This Aston transit shower commode assists users with showering and toileting, heavy duty 159kg capacity. Features polyurethane front opening seat, swingback armrests and adjustable back support...

  • Wheelchair-electric-portable-cobalt

    Drive DeVilbiss

    Wheelchair Electric Portable Cobalt

    $2,944.00 $2,199.00

    The portable electric wheelchair features a height adjustable seat and footplate. It disassembles quickly with ease providing you with an excellent indoor or outdoor unit for use at home or while...

  • Jar and Bottle Opener Universal


    Jar and Bottle Opener Universal

    $30.00 $21.00

    This universal opener for jars and bottles is a simple to use kitchen aid. Designed to quickly open lids on most jars and bottles. Ideal solution for those with limited grip strength or dexterity...

  • Travel wheelchair spirit TC002
Folding travel wheelchair weighing only 8.6kg shown in it's travel bag.

    Drive DeVilbiss

    Travel wheelchair spirit TC002

    $394.00 $279.00

    Folding travel wheelchair weighing only 8.6kg. Supplied with handy travel bag. The wheelchair folds 2 ways for storage or transporting. Includes seat belt and height adjustable swing away removable...

  • Ramp Trifold Suitcase 4ft


    Ramp Trifold Suitcase 4ft

    $364.00 $257.00

    This 4ft lightweight trifold ramp has a 272kg capacity. 122cm in length and 72cm wide, it features a convenient carry handle to make transporting easy. Its gritted surface enables safe access to...

  • Wheelchair drive transit s1

    Drive DeVilbiss

    Transit wheelchair 115kg capacity Drive S1TR

    $266.00 $199.00

    Suitable for most users & carers. Folds easily for storage or transporting. Features fixed armrests & the footrests are height adjustable swing away and removable. All wheels have solid...

  • Can Opener Ring Pull


    Can Opener Ring Pull

    $25.00 $18.00

    This can opener assists users with ring pull cans. Features a large handle making it easy to use for those with limited grip. Helps to keep hands away from the sharp edges and also protects...

  • Rollator Nitro 135kg Capacity

    Drive DeVilbiss

    Mobility Walker Nitro 135kg Capacity

    $424.00 $299.00

    The popular Nitro Rollator has a 135kg weight capacity. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Featuring large 25cm castors for manoeuvring outdoors with ease and a cross brace frame for...

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