• Bariatric Shower Seat 190kg Capacity

    Bariatric Shower Seat 190kg Capacity

    This Bariatric Shower Seat has a 190kg weight capacity. Sturdy aluminium construction. Easy to install and clean. Comes with detachable padded seat, which folds down when not in use or when space is...

    $216 $163
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  • Can Opener Ring Pull

    Can Opener Ring Pull

    This can opener assists users with ring pull cans. Features a large handle making it easy to use for those with limited grip. Helps to keep hands away from the sharp edges and also protects...

    $13 $10
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  • Cutlery Set Bendable

    Cutlery Set Bendable

    This bendable cutlery set is ideal for those with limited grip and dexterity. May be bent to various angles to suit individual user. Includes knife, fork and spoon. Also includes 1 utensil strap...

    $82 $62
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  • Electric Lift Chair Contenda A4M1

    Electric Lift Chair Contenda A4M1

    Electric Lift Chair Contenda A4M1. A luxury recliner to assist users sit, recline and stand with ease. Electronic hand controller for positioning. Cushioned for optimal comfort and support. Available...

    $1,743 $1,395
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  • Handy Bar - Car Transfer Bar shown located into a car door latch ready for use.

    Handy Bar - Car Transfer Bar

    Patient transfer assistance for getting into and out of carsSimple but very effective device that fits quickly into the door striker plate of most carsNo modification of vehicle required - insert or...

    $77 $58
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  • Jar and Bottle Opener Universal

    Jar and Bottle Opener Universal

    This universal opener for jars and bottles is a simple to use kitchen aid. Designed to quickly open lids on most jars and bottles. Ideal solution for those with limited grip strength or dexterity...

    $17 $13
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  • Mobility scooter rear bag & canopy

    Mobility Scooter Rear Bag & Canopy

    The mobility scooter rear bag and canopy combo is a must for anyone planning to spend time outdoors on their scooter. Fits easily to any scooter with a standard accessory socket under the rear...

    $575 $432
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  • Pedal Exerciser Digital

    Pedal Exerciser Digital

    This Aidapt cycle exerciser can help to improve muscle strength and increase circulation. Features a digital display for counting calories burned, time, strides per minute and revolutions. May be...

    $90 $68
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  • Utensil Strap

    Utensil Strap

    This utensil and cutlery strap will assists users who have limited hand grip or dexterity, allowing them to securely hold utensils whilst eating. Warranty 12 monthsAvailable for delivery Australia...

    $13 $10
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  • Transfer Turntable

    Transfer Turntable

    This Aidapt transfer turntable aids moving from a seated position to standing, may also be used for transferring in and out of a car. Reduces injury risk to the carers. Constructed with ABS plastic...

    $59 $45