How to Unfold and Fold a Wheelchair

How to fold & unfold a wheelchair. A simple step by step guide to save time, avoid frustration & prevent avoidable damage to the wheelchair.
To unfold a wheelchair:
1. Make sure the wheelchair is on solid even ground
2. Stand in front of the wheelchair
3. Grab the left and right seat rails and gently push them down, the wheelchair will unfold as you do this
4. Continue the downward push until the wheelchair is fully opened
5. Now lock the brakes on ready for someone to sit into the wheelchair  
Warning: On some models you need to be careful you don't pinch fingers or hands as the seat gets close to be fully opened
To fold a wheelchair:
1. Ensure the wheelchair brakes are locked on
2. Stand to one side of the wheelchair and grab the seat one hand at the back and the other at the front
3. Carefully lift up the seat and the wheelchair should fold together

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