Mattress Waterproof Foam Pressure Care Prime Comfort Slide

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The mattress significantly reduces shear and friction factors. It has an adaptive dynamic cubic system creating enhanced user comfort while providing high levels of pressure reduction care. Reduces the risk of pressure sores and assists with existing conditions. The mattress is fitted with a 2 way stretch waterproof cover and optimises the functions of a profiling bed. The mattress and cover are fire retardant and have a user capacity of 170kg. Custom sizes are available. It has been rated high risk for pressure care.

Standard size 1980 x 880 x 170mm
Adaptive dynamic cubic comfort system
Significantly reduces shear and friction factors
Heel pressure reduction zone
Fire retardant cover and foam
2 way stretch cover
Side form reinforcements
Available in a range of sizes (custom if required)
Pressure care rating “High Risk”

The pictured mattress is for illustration purposes only

Available delivered Australia wide

12 Months