Toilet aids

Disabled toilet aids, a selection of hard to find aids and accessories for the aged and disabled.

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    Bed Pan Heavy Duty B1028

    $52.00 $37.00

    The Bed Pan Heavy Duty B1028 features frontal opening and wide seating area. It measures 29.5cm wide, 36cm in length and 11.5cm in height. Moulded from quality plastic and autoclavable for sanitising. Warranty 12 monthsAvailable for delivery Australia...

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    Bed Pan Slipper 3043

    $36.00 $26.00

    The Bed Pan Slipper 3043 features a wedged shaped design to assist with easy positioning. The front lip prevents spillage whilst moving. Available in both regular and large sizes to accommodate most users. Manufactured from quality autoclavable plastic...

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    Bottom Wiper H2650

    $68.00 $48.00

    Assists the user in personal cleaning after toiletingDesigned for frontal useMoulded plastic head with recessed serrations to grip the toilet paperPaper is easily removed after useLight alloy curved handleH2650 Standard Length 320 mmWeight 70 g Warranty...