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  • Bath Lift 140kg Capacity

    Bath Lift Bellavista 140kg Capacity

    The Bellavita Bath Lift has a maximum weight capacity 140kg and a convenient solution for independent bathing. Ergonomically designed reclining backrest, washable covers and a lithium battery for fast charging. The built in safety control will not lower...

    $749.00 $563.00
  • Walker Ultralight Portable 135kg Capacity

    Walker Ultralight Portable 135kg Capacity

    The Walker Ultralight Portable 135kg Capacity is extremely compact, folding to approximately half the size of most walkers. Height adjustable to suit most users. Features side storage pockets, 13cm front wheels and rear skis. Manufactured with quality...

    $141.00 $106.00
  • Lightweight_rollator_adjustable_seat_height

    Lightweight Adjustable Height Mobility Walker

    The Lightweight Adjustable Height Rollator has adjustable push handles and seat height. Feautures comfortable curved & padded backrest The brakes are multi function, they can be used for better control while walking or as a locked stationary...

    $192.00 $145.00
  • Lightweight rollator

    Lightweight Mobility Walker R8

    The Lightweight Rollator has a comfortable curved & padded backrest. Its push handles are height adjustable and the rollator folds easily. The brakes are dual function which allows them to be used to assist in slowing when walking or as a parking...

    $167.00 $126.00
  • Rollator Nitro 135kg Capacity

    Mobility Walker Nitro 135kg Capacity

    The popular Nitro Rollator has a 135kg weight capacity. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Featuring large 25cm castors for manoeuvring outdoors with ease and a cross brace frame for stability. Includes height adjustable handles and backrest and...

    $397.00 $299.00
  • Bariatric Walker Drive 227kg Heavy Duty Rollator

    Bariatric Walker Drive 180kg

    Bariatric Walker Drive 180kg. An awesome heavy duty rollator that provides stability and added safety while walking. Height adjustable handles to suit most usersPadded backrest for added comfort whilst seatedLift up seat for easy access to the carry...

    $312.00 $234.00
  • Commode Toilet 165kg Capacity

    Commode Toilet 165kg Capacity

    Commode Toilet 165kg Capacity. A popular handy toilet aid, great for assisting users with easy access to toileting. SpecificationsSupportive backrestRemovable armrests to aid transfersAdjustable footrests to suit most users requirementsSealed cushioned...

    $259.00 $195.00
  • Rollator X Fold 135kg Capacity

    Mobility Walker X Fold 135kg Capacity

    The Rollator X Fold has a 135kg weight capacity and features a lightweight aluminium frame and height adjustable handles. Includes backrest, seat and storage bag. Fitted with loop brakes and 4 x 20cm diameter wheels. Easily folds compact for storage and...

    $288.00 $217.00